Laura Lamy

Coming from Reunion Island, she study in the Conservatoire of Saint-Pierre during 6 years before she went in the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse de Lyon in 2006.

She study there during 4 years, ballet and contemporary dance, graduated in 2010 and obtain her certificate of high school DNSPD.

Right after school, Laura work with Chemnitz Staatstheater directed by Lode Devos, where she worked with choreographers such as Catherine Habasque, Lode Devos, Joseph Sturdy.

In 2011, she begin her free-lance career and work on projects with Joseph Sturdy in Sweden, Julien Ficely, Davy Brun, and also Joëlle Bouvier.

In 2015, she replace a dancer from the Random Dance Company directed by Wayne McGregor in the creation « Atomos ».

Tristan Robilliard

Born in Lyon, from a family of musicians, Tristan study dance in the Conservatoire in Lyon during 1 year before he went in the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse de Lyon in 2006 where he trains in contemporary and ballet dance.

After graduated in 2010, he obtain his certificate of high school and he directly started his career as a free-lance dancer with French choreographer Michel Kéléménis.

Then, he connects the projects in Europe, with Davy Brun, Julien Ficely, Joseph Sturdy based in Sweden.

In 20016, he worked on the restating of « L’Anneau de Salomon » by David Drouard.

Then, he collaborates with the Scottish choreographer Malcolm Sutherland, with whom he presented « Vivaldi Verses » in Tafelhalle in Nuremberg.

In 2016, they founded Resodancer Company.

Contemporary dance company based in Lyon.

Since 2016, they turn their show in Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Panama.
They are invited to choreograph in many different companies, such as CobosMika, the Metz Opera Ballet, Derida Dance Center, Jeune Ballet Calabash, Althea Dance Company...

Holders of the State dance teacher diploma, they develop their technique Spiral Training and are invited to teach in places like The Staatstheater Hannover, Basel, Zürich, Luzern, Centre National de la Danse de Lyon, CobosMika seed, Centre Chorégraphique Calabash...