Faced with a time where finding contracts is increasingly difficult, in a stressful gear of running auditions, dancers must go beyond the borders.

Back in France, in Lyon, after 8 years of freelancing, Laura and Tristan, enriched by their encounters and experiences, found themselves confronted with a morose atmosphere where the frustration was permanent among the dancers.
Uncertainty about the upcoming projects, the exorbitant cost and the daily stress of the auditions prompted them to create "Reso-Workshops".





They found it essential to share their network and use their positive energy to build a new space where the dancers can broaden their contacts, in order to build something sustainable in Lyon.
"Reso-Workshops" aim to offer a time-creating space of opportunity, a timeless studio exchange, new encounters with international choreographers never seen in France.

Because of this approach, they dared to invite artists who are the pillars of contemporary dance, and today are solicited by great names in dance.
Participating at the "Reso-Workshop" is the opportunity for the dancers to share a special moment in the studio with renowned choreographers from all over the world, such as: Norway, Japan, Israel, Sweden, the United States, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, England, Germany ...


Show the best of yourself, without the stress of auditions!

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