"Nacreous interpreted by Resodancer Company is a choreography created by Shi Pratt, for years at the Batsheva directed by Ohad Naharin, who finds its figure in the composition and development of the form. Technical perfection in a continuous interweaving of movement almost in a severe and virtuosic counterpoint.

A light in the backlight illuminates a dancer who in a solo dances his movement sentence, passing the witness, to what follows in a chain that then sees them together on the scene to give way to a sort of polyphonic choir with four voices.

The emotional intensity rises and becomes ardent and touching in the duo that is a prelude to the finale. A couple that phrases with movements that speak of love, physicality and contrasts until one of the two disappears suddenly dragged out of the scene, leaving the other in the solitude of the stage. A finale that evokes the fragility of existence that disappears in the lighthouse of the beginning."

- Enrico Pastore