In a cold and hostile environment, in which structures migrate, transform and transgress, the performers explore their desire for emancipation, and their capacity to affect and be affected. Influences from the different environments converge, appear and reappear in different contexts, they drift, are altered and metamorphose into something new.
The choreographer Shi Pratt presents a dehumanized society, where the individual, in charge of his own heritage, seeks a means of escape.
While working with the instability of structures, rhythm, repetition and form, the piece examines the future, the uncertain or possible outcomes of a situation and seeks more imaginative propositions. When exploring the dynamic and transformative nature of things, the result may not only be the possible future we desire, but perhaps also the one we fear. By engaging in propositions of possible futures we create a dialogue on new realities and social relations with the hope of raising critical thinking and reflection on both the future and the current practice. 

– Shi Pratt

“Because not only is this transformation in process, even if we do not perceive it, but it operates without warning, without giving an alert, ‘in silence’ without attracting attention, and as though independently of us: without wanting to disturb us, it might be said, even when it comes on its way within us until it destroys us.”

-Francois Jullien

Duration: 30 minutes

Shi Pratt is a choreographer, dancer and teacher. She grew up in Israel and the USA and now has her base in Oslo, Norway. She spent the first 12 years of her professional dance career dancing for several world renown dance companies in Israel, such as Batsheva Ensemble Dance Company, Inbal Pinto, as well as in the independent choreographers scene. She had already started choreographing at that time.
Upon moving to Norway in 2010 she focused on choreographing while continuing to dance in her own pieces as well as freelancing for other projects and companies. She was also commissioned by various dance companies, festivals and universities to create new dances.
Shi is interested in integrating movement, sound, text, and rich visual vocabulary into her work and has explored a creative engagement with other art forms, particularly lights, video and scenography.
Her performance work is assembled with care and exactitude, balancing strong physicality and fearless complexity. The work is marked by sharp visual imagery and a keen sense of curiosity. She continues to focus in on inter-human and social issues while exploring the breadth in which structure can breed freedom and vise versa. Shi has collaborated with celebrated dance artists, dance companies, musicians and filmmakers in Israel, Europe, Southern Africa, Scandinavia and the United States.
Since 2008, she has created and performed under the banner of her own company Karlsen Pratt, along with partner Kyrre Heldal Karlsen, in which they produce their original works and showcase their collaborations.

  • Choreographer Shi Pratt
  • Composer Oystein Moen
  • Light Designer Olivier Bauer
  • Dancers Tristan Robilliard, Laura Lamy, Claire-Marie Ricarte, Ludovic Collura