” We would like to create a work for the stage, and to develop it as a quartet for the base of the compositional structure, with a net of rules, systems, choreographic devices, tension ranges, mini stories, solos, duets and trios.

We are planing to create a multilayered structure compiled of a few segments, each created independently, each will consist multiple mini stories and will be part of the bigger picture.

We are interested to discover and utilise the natural qualities of the dancers in the process, and see how it meets our research.

For this creation we are also interested in layering different expressions of tension.

We envision the space as an arena where different manifestations of tension form unities, lose autonomy, co exist or burst into flames. We are interested to examine relation ranges such as curiosity vs personal space, desire for attention and dangerous distractions, and between ritualistic celebration and reflexed adherence.

We intend for this piece to stand alone as an installment within a series of creations. We are curious to find the links between the creation with Resodancer and the process of working on the other episodes of the series, and define the characteristics and properties they inherit from a mutual DNA.” 


Duration: 30 minutes

Co-Produced by Scenario Pubblico in ACAZA residency program 

14256367_10153955097092984_643933320_nGuy began dancing with the Batsheva Ensemble in 2001 and joined the Batsheva Dance Company in 2004, where he worked with choreographers such as Ohad Naharin, Sharon Eyal, and Yasmeen Godder. He also created ten original short pieces for Batsheva’s annual Dancers Create evening.  In 2013 he served as Ohad Naharin’s assistant for the creation process of The Hole and in 2015 for the creation of Last Work. Since leaving Batsheva in 2012, Guy and his long-time colleague Yaniv Avraham, also a former Batsheva dancer, have collaborated on two projects.  In June 2014 they presented Kuntz, a duet danced by themselves, at the Zira Festival in Jerusalem.  In November 2014 the pair premiered a work entitled Vellum, created for 8 dancers, in Moscow.

In 2015 Guy again served as assistant to Ohad Naharin, setting his work Minus 16 on the Nürnberg Ballet and Ballet Zurich. Guy has been teaching Gaga internationally since 2002.

image1Yaniv Avraham started dancing in Karmi Machol Karmiel, a folk dance academy and company, and he continued his training from 1999-2001 at the Mate Asher School of Performing Art (MASPA) alongside the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company on Kibbutz Ga’aton.  In June 2001 he joined Batsheva Ensemble and in February 2003 was promoted to Batsheva Dance Company, where he danced until July 2010.  While with Batsheva, Yaniv performed works by artistic director Ohad Naharin, house choreographer Sharon Eyal, and guest choreographer Mats Ek.  In recent years, he has performed in the works of fellow Batsheva alumni Noa Zuk and Gili Navot.  As a dancer, he has received grants from the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Education, the Sharett Foundation, and the America-Israel Cultural Foundation.

Yaniv choreographed several works for Batsheva Dancers Create from 2004-2010.  Since leaving the company, he has created new dances for MASPA and Florida University, and his solo Somersault (2013) was performed in several festivals at the Suzanne Dellal Centre in Tel Aviv, Dance Makers in Amsterdam, and MDF in Reggio Calabria (Italy).  Yaniv has taught Gaga, Ohad Naharin’s movement language, to both dancers and non-dancers in Israel and internationally, and he has also taught Naharin’s repertory.  He has taught for dance companies including Batsheva, Carte Blanche, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, and Cullberg Ballet and at dance departments at schools such as University of Florida, Jacksonville University, Tisch (NYU), and University of Southern Florida.  He has led master classes and/or workshops in Australia, Singapore, Japan, Russia, Serbia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the U.S.

Alongside his ongoing choreographic work and teaching, Yaniv is currently the artistic director of MASPA.

  • Choreographer Guy Shomroni and Yaniv Abraham
  • Composer Guy Shomroni
  • Light Designer Olivier Bauer
  • Dancers Tristan Robilliard, Laura Lamy, Claire-Marie Ricarte, Ludovic Collura