credit picture Gilles Aguilar


Choreography: Shi Pratt

Composer : Oystein moen

Light designer: Olivier Bauer

Duration: 30 min



In this piece transformation is a key theme. Structures migrate, transform and transgress spatially, temporally, in the meeting between subjects and in relation to the subjects environments. Influences from the different environments converge, appear and reappear in different contexts, they migrate, transform and become something new. 

Working with the instability of structures, rhythm, repetition and form. Looking into a situation’s uncertain or possible futures or outcomes and seeking more imaginative propositions. The result may not only be the possible future we desire, but perhaps also the one we fear. By engaging in propositions of possible futures we create a dialogue on new realities and social relations with the hope of raising critical thinking and reflection on both the future and the current practice. We explore the dynamic and transformative nature of things. The capacity to affect and be affected.







Shi Pratt

 Shi is a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher based in Scandinavia and Europe. Shi danced with Batsheva Ensemble Dance Company for 3 seasons and has worked with a number of professional dance companies including Andersson Dance, Vertigo Dance Company, The Instrument, Idan&Friends, Fiksdal/Lie and Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak Dance Company, as well as with various independent choreographers around the world. She performs, creates and teaches extensively nationally and internationally.